Wednesday, January 5, 2011

R3Diet Revealed "Take & Make" Kitchen Series


  1. How awesome is this?! I always, always start people off with Green Smoothies when they seek better health. Once they learn how easy it is to add something good to their diet the bad things start leaving. I actually just did a 3-day green smoothie cleanse with my blog readers and combined, between 18 people we lost 90 lbs! There were other amazing results [details here].

    Joy, I also love doing what you are doing with my clients--opening their pantry or a fridge and showing them how easy and quickly it is to make a healthful meal.

    Keep up the good work! Maybe one day we can do a combined challenge between your and my readers :)

  2. Great minds think alike Elena...Feel free to email me anytime you want to do a fun challenge like that!


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