Monday, November 1, 2010

Tasteful or Trashy?

A few Months ago someone on Facebook commented that she was blocking some guys who were sending her some perverted private messages. She has LOTS of photos of herself and IMO(in my opinion)most of them are tasteful and some of them are trashy. I responded that it could be because of some of her pics....and the games began! Seriously, a few people all capped "HATER" and few agreed with me, which either way was fine with me. I have been in the fitness/modeling industry for most of my life and have worked with some beautiful faces and bodies! But I truly believe that there is a difference between modeling/showcasing/posing and enticing/tempting/inviting.

Here's where it gets tricky: What is tasteful to me, might be trashy to you and vice versa. I also know that our current society wants to express themselves however they choose and if you try to intervene you are considered judgmental and full of "haterade". The part of me that is old-fashioned or desiring to be Christ-like wants to reach out to those who may not know, it is obvious that it would be useless on those who do not care.

Because of my industry(s), my own tasty-trashy-o-meter may be a tad skewed at times and when I am in doubt, I ask my hubby. Some things are blatant you really have to wonder if licking your lips, squeezing your boobs or being on all fours while in your G-string on fb is tasteful or trashy? Do you keep quiet because you do not want to offend anyone? Do you think "to each its own" and everyone should mind their own business? Do you speak up, but in a way that is viscous, snooty or hateful?


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