Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I had to ask myself "WHY"?

     Getting right to the point... ..a marketing professional told us that we should take the phrase "christian company" off of our brochures. He said that it could possibly hinder prospective clients for our programs or services. Instead of being offended and snarky, I asked myself a question to ponder? Why do we have it on all of our materials? What is the purpose? I then realized the reasons that are NOT true. It is NOT there to get clients because we personally believe that God supplies our needs, therefore people can't give or take anything from us. It is NOT there to eliminate non-christians because I am sure that some of our clients may be non-christians. It is NOT there to make people think we are a perfect company made up of perfect people because noone can make that claim.

     So why did we choose to put "christian company" and why did we choose to keep "christian company"? Mainly because we personally believe that the things in our lives that are rooted in the foundational principles of the Bible will prosper us and help guide us ie.business, relationships & family etc. It is no different from someone who puts metaphysics as their guide through life (although those foundational principles are biblical too;).

     What is your take on this? Do you think the two (biblical principles & work) should not be intertwined? Do you think it is a recipe for disaster to separate them? Do you think that it is not a big deal either way...kind of like "to each it's own"? Do you not talk about politics and religion (although, I don't focus on religion I focus on the relationship)?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are You On The Fence?

One of my favorite lines in an excellent movie called "Facing The Giants" is when a group of people tried to turn the assistant coach against the coach. They had been pointing out the coach's flaws and telling the assistant coach that he would make a better head coach. The coach found out what was going on behind his back and confronted the assistant. The assistant seemed confused and "on the fence". The coach looked him in the face and said, "you are not doing anybody any favors by being on the fence"!

I believe that people choose to sit on the fence in many areas of their lives because they feel it is easier than making a committed decision in either direction. It is nothing but avoidance and is a cowardly approach. Which areas of your life are you sitting on a fence? Is it helping you or hindering you? If you have never sat on a fence before in real life, you could still imagine what that would feel like..unpleasant & uncomfortable!

Do you tell yourself that you will stop eating fast food, but the next day you are in the Taco Bell drive through because you felt like you were pressed for time?...You ARE on the fence! Do you tell yourself that you will exercise 5 times a week because you know it is good for you, but settle for 2 or 3 because "other things came up"?...You ARE on the fence! Do you wonder why other people seem to do the things you want with ease? It is because they hopped off of the fence and made a decision. Do you think it is easy for them but hard for you to get off the fence?

Here is a test: Go find someone's dirty cat litter box and start eating out of it...why do I hear silence?...why are you not crunching? Oh I see, you are not on the fence as it relates to that. It is easy for you to hop off of the fence and make a firm decision that you do NOT want to eat out of the cat litter box! What is interesting is you would assume that the litter box analogy is obvious on which direction you want to go in once you jump off the fence. I am here to say that if you look at anything you are on the fence about, it is obvious which direction you should jump off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what are you waiting for? I know that your butt is sore (maybe even has blisters from sitting so long, so take a big deep breath, take that leap of faith and see what you have been missing out on all those years on the fence and most importantly, do NOT climb back up there to your comfort zone fence that is not too comfortable!


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