Monday, September 6, 2010

Are All Health/Fitness Enthusiasts Snobs?

Are all Health/Fitness Enthusiasts snobs? ...NO! I believe that many are perceived that way because they can make others feel inadequate or self-conscious. If your co-worker is chowing down on some leftover greasy pizza for lunch and had not worked out consistently in over a year and you walk in smilingly with a giant fresh salad of arugula, cucumbers, quinoa and cilantro, full of energy and expressing how sore you are in a good way from the kick butt workout you did that morning before sunrise…it can come across as boastful. However usually that is not the case, anytime someone makes positive changes in their life they feel proud and want to share. They did not do anything to warrant the title “snob”. 
There are even cases where the person has a great physique and is sitting enjoying the healthy lunch quietly and still cause the co-worker to feel uneasy and inadequate. So who has the real problem? …Of course the co-worker. The co-worker also has the opportunity to be inspired and ask questions like, what motivates you to eat healthy and workout? How long have you been committed? Do you have cravings? And so forth. But that probably would not happen if the co-worker feels hopeless. If you feel like you have tried everything under the sun to no avail, you start believe it works for other because they have a fast metabolism, are disciplined or have green eyes with hazel specs lol! 
There are however some people who are snobs and think they are better than others because of the choices they make. But the bottom line is that no one is better because we all have to choose to make better choices daily and we are all capable of failing daily. May the person who has never eaten anything processed throw the first  scone!

Friday, September 3, 2010

4 The Love or 4 The Money

When I was in search of my passion and purpose in life people would say the phrase that I loathed, "do what you love and the money will come". Considering I used to be impatient (although it sounds good making it past tense...let me be real and say that it is my life-long goal to be patient) I was determined to focus on the money and crossed my fingers that the love would come. Year after year I was motivated and driven by money and funnily enough never really had it. So in short I was working in ways that did not fulfill my purpose, caused me stress, felt uncomfortable and awkward doing it and did not increase financially because of it. I went through a depression phase for close to a year after pursuing money to no avail. It made me spend most days in bed wondering, praying and dreaming. I felt paralyzed because I felt that there was something deep inside of me that wanted to be watered and nourished but had no clue as to what. I only shared this agony with my husband at the time and I did continue attending church which helped tremendously. I did not take any antidepressants and was never actually clinically diagnosed with depression. 
Toward the end of that year I had a dream that I was leading a group of people in fitness outdoors. I woke up feeling extremely joyful and motivated. It seemed so real and all I could think about was making it a reality. I told my husband about it and he was very supportive and  that catapulted us into research mode, to training mode and finally to launch mode.  He had to put off joining me until he came back from his tour in the war on Iraq, but dove in ferociously when he returned. Fast forward some years now and we have been researching, training and launching new aspects of our business as we find the best way to get clients results and our preferred vehicles to deliver those results. I have been the happiest of my entire life (outside of God, wife & mom) for these past years. 
I would have never imagined life could be this exciting. Don’t think that you don’t still have obstacles and issues when you are “doing it for the love”; it’s just that your passion for it overrides ANYTHING negative. So I guess I learned that “do what you love and the money will come” is true. However what happens is that the money ends up becoming a byproduct of the value you create and your focus just stays on improving/creating/improving/creating. So ask yourself, are you in it 4 the love or 4 the money?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Blah" Day....NO WAY!

I am feeling SUPER EXCITED today! Do I feel this extremely excited everyday? ...uhm......NO! What is the difference between a super "blah" day versus a "move out of my way bcs I am making magic" day? There are certain things that are constants in playing a role, such as diet, exercise, sleep and stress levels. Most of my days are pretty exceptional bcs I start my days with exercise and 20 ounces of fresh squeezed juice, but today I know it is because of a different reason. I feel EXTREMELY grateful today.

I am frequently thinking of all the wonderful things that I have in my life and all the wonderful things to come. I am interested in small things, like how I am glad the eco-friendly company decided to design this water bottle that I am drinking from all the way to how I have never sailed on a gigantic sail boat and plan to do so one day. I am focusing on how I can use my gifts to help people and how I am so blessed to have met so many people that are all uniquely perfect. I find that when I have days where I am "blah" or worse is because I am feeling hopeless, helpless and worried. I am focusing on all the clothes that I have to wash instead of being thankful that I have clothes. I am focused on who made me mad instead of how I can use that experience to not do someone that way.

The good news is that anytime I have a "blah" day I ALWAYS promise myself that I will not allow it to spill over to the next day no matter what. Therefore I always look forward to the next day because I know it will be better. I refuse to have 2 "blah" days back to back bcs it robs me and just as I would not to let a person rob me while I do nothing, I do not want to allow "blah" days to rob me of my joy, productivity, inspiration and mindset. So pay attention to how often you have "blah" days and what you are thinking about throughout those days. Then you will recognize the robber and set a trap for it for next time.


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