Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Think on This( PartI)

It has been demonstrated that nearly 90% of our thoughts are negative, no wonder we find ourselves struggling. Each negative thought or word is a negative affirmation and these nasty little monsters can be even more powerful than positive affirmations because we often find them easier to accept. It is these negative thoughts that feed and validate our negative internal beliefs. Under this kind of negative bombardment most people simply do not have the strength to break free of their negative thoughts and become hopelessly locked into their own (usually false) negative beliefs.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kids Rock!

I just finished watching "Extreme Home Makeover". Which is the only show I watch right now every week. The whole family eats dinner and then watches together bcs I love the gratitude we all feel after watching it. Tonight they showed some kids at this Cancer treatment facility and the joy from these kids gave me chills. They were being treated for Cancer, told they have a chance of dying early and were laughing, playing and enjoying the moment. Many adults complain and feel hopeless bcs of things way lower on the scales than that. Let's learn to be very thankful for many things daily and less bitter, depressed and full of complaints.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Do bananas make you fat?

A bootcamper asked me this question today, so now I want to elaborate on it more. Bananas are low in calories, as they contain only 100
calories. They are half the calories of most granola bars, and have one-third the calories of most muffins or bagels. Bananas are not high in sugar and have the same glycemic index as most all fruits. Scientific research reports no evidence that they will spike your blood sugars or increase fat stores. They are extremely low in fat, containing less than 1 gram of fat. They are loaded with
fibre making you will feel full and satisfied after eating them. One banana also adds 2 grams of soluble fibre, which helps to lower blood cholesterol.
Bananas are nutrient-rich. They contain vitamin B6, folate, and vitamin C and are potassium powerhouses. Due to all their potassium, bananas help lower high blood pressure and replace potassium loses after exercise. Potassium is necessary for proper muscle function in active individuals and athletes. And another bonus, bananas are an easily digested source of energy. Athletes
frequently peel a banana before a race for quick energy. In addition, bananas are high in magnesium, a mineral that helps bones absorb calcium.
p.s. I also like how I heard a doc explain it: he said, "In my years of working with overweight clients, I've never had one who became overweight from bananas".:)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crunch Time

We would like to 1st off thank everyone who took time to give us their thoughts and opinions on helping us with our decision to participate on "Wife Swap". Each one was very much appreciated. I also had the opportunity to speak personally with some girls who have been on "Buff Brides", "Survivor" and who's twin sister is currently filming in a show now. We have decided to go ahead with the process of participating on the show. I like how one person said it to us, "if anybody can pull it off and be a good representation it would be you guys." We would never want our values/beliefs compromised so we would proceed with that in mind. I also know that you never know exactly what would happen unless you experience something so I hope nobody makes me "get Ugly"....just kidding:) We were also just informed that we have to be more discreet right now as it relates to details. We are not allowed to do any media, PR, internet or blogging on the topic. Once things are confirmed we can verbally tell you the when, where, what stuff.

Thanks a million everyone,

Friday, October 17, 2008

New Slogan

We kick butt with the girls-only and the guys-only bootcamps now so we had to add additional slogans.

Old:(for girls) Gaining BEAUTY while losing BOOTY (the original.......and will be used interchangeably)
(for guys) Gaining STRUT while losing GUT

NEW: (for book and blog) Winner or Whiner Winners CHOOSE to be fit, Whiners TRY not to quit (I Likey, I Likey)

*Elaboration: Unfortunately many people use the word try to prepare themselves to quit at a later date.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The scoop on fiber

Benefits of fiber: *Prevents constipation/Helps with elimination *Can prevent many diseases *Lowers cholesterol *Keeps weight under control *Helps eliminate toxins

Where do you get fiber? Fiber is can be easily obtained from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

*Drink plenty of water to help with digestion.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Expecting support from loved ones

It is amazing how you could have negative habits in your life and no one seems to care, but seriously change for the better and..... You would assume that family, friends and co-workers would feel happy for you and support you; that is not always the case. Sometimes loved ones are afraid of you changing and changing your feelings towards them. Sometimes they feel pressure to change some things themselves but are not ready yet. The good news is that once your loved ones see that you plan to stay on the right course no matter what, they will sooner or later keep their lips zipped and possibly even respect and admire you.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Serene Reflections

I am always amazed when I hear of people who have committed to our fitness bootcamp although other things were going on in their lives. They wanted to do something for themselves and they knew there was no such thing as "the perfect time". It is very admirable to see people roll up their sleeves and choose to stay focused, choose to give their all, choose to be adventurous and choose to win. It is a choice to have that kind of attitude and it is a choice more people should make.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Stress and Fat

Chronic stress and cortisol can contribute to weight gain in the following ways:

Metabolism -- Do you feel like you're prone to putting on more weight when you're stressed, even if you're eating the same amount of food as you always have? Too much cortisol can slow your metabolism, causing more weight gain than you would normally experience. This also makes dieting more difficult.

Cravings -- OK, you're stressed. Do you reach for a nice salad or a pint of Ben & Jerry's? I'll bet on the latter. People experiencing chronic stress tend to crave more fatty, salty and sugary foods. This includes sweets, processed food and other things that aren’t as good for you. These foods are typically less healthy and lead to increased weight gain.

Blood Sugar -- Prolonged stress can alter your blood sugar levels, causing mood swings, fatigue, and conditions like hyperglycemia. Too much stress has even been linked to metabolic syndrome, a cluster of health concerns that can lead to greater health problems, like heart attacks and diabetes.

Fat Storage -- Excessive stress even affects where we tend to store fat. Higher levels of stress are linked to greater levels of abdominal fat. Unfortunately, abdominal fat is not only aesthetically undesirable, it’s linked with greater health risks than fat stored in other areas of the body.
By Elizabeth Scott M.S.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This is some people's reality

Kids are getting introduced younger and younger.

Habits start to form and become "normal".

You are now in excuse city and justify your reasons that you are ok.

You never thought your choices could land you here. Are you now ready for change? Could any of this have been prevented? YOU BETCHA!!!!


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